Wild Dreams Hospitality is an industry leader with our ''Herd'' having a combined 115+ years' worth of experience! We provide a professional and expert service in Consulting, Coaching, Training and Recruitment and serve clients in Africa, and beyond.

With extensive Hospitality experience in a range of different establishments, sectors and environments, both internationally and locally, we can quickly and effectively create customized plans to take clients to their next level of service through consulting or recruitment of excellent staff.

Our mission is to make your ‘wildest dreams’ come true whether you are a candidate looking for your dream job or a values-aligned career. We offer 1:1 career coaching customized to your individual needs.
If you are a client who wants to move forward in this ever-evolving industry, we can assist you with a range of services tailored to your business.

Our company values are Compassion, Freedom, Balance, Honesty & Purpose & more about our ethos and our uniqueness can be found on our meet the herd page.



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What is Front of House in the hospitality industry?

Front of House, also known within the hospitality industry as just ''FOH'' is not as simple as it sounds! In…
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Mistakes you may make when adding vegan options to your menu

Vegans travel for food! The furthest I have ever travelled for vegan food was South Africa…
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Interview - From guide to guest relations

Today we are interviewing Robyn Sewell, who changed her career from being a field guide to a guest relations manager,…
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