Hayley is my go-to person when applying for both permanent and free-lance work in the lodge industry. As a ‘mature’ lady, I discovered many other agencies either didn’t respond to my CV submission, or told me I was too old or didn’t have the right qualifications! Hayley has been the only person willing to put forward my CV, knowing that often experience is more beneficial than a qualification. Through Wild Dreams Recruitment a part time position was offered to me, and then Hayley put me forward, and helped me secure a very prestigious and excellent permanent position. Hayley was excellent at communicating with me every step of the way from setting up interviews, asking how they had gone, giving honest feedback and finding out exactly what I was looking for and any concerns I may of had. She gives you a realistic picture of what to expect and how to present yourself in interview. At all times she is friendly, honest and professional. I can truthfully say that, in my 40 odd years of working, Wild Dreams Recruitment have been the most professional, communicative and helpful agency. I strongly recommend this excellent company.