If you are a candidate looking for a position

Click on the jobs page and look for vacancies that match your experience and what role you are looking for, scroll through to see current available positions or use the search bar to direct you to a particular occupation.

If you find a position suited to you and you fit the criteria then apply by clicking the APPLY NOW button. This will direct you to a form to complete.

Input all of your information here & upload your documents via the form where specified.

This typically would be:


Your Cv (ideally in word format)

A photo of you

Written references

Related certificates

If applying for a Chef position your food portfolio is also required.

Please see our Cv advice page which has many commonly asked questions related to applying for Jobs as well as a free cv template you can download.

You are welcome to add any additional information with your application & there is a section where you can add an introduction about yourself.

If you have submitted the correct documentation you can expect to be contacted by one of the Wild Dreams recruitment team within 7 working days, we may request more information from you and will check your references.

If you match the criteria for the position you applied for or any other positions then Wild Dreams will advise this and confirm that you are interested BFEORE we submit your application.

Please note reference checks will be conducted so please ensure the people listed as contactable references on your Cv are aware & that the numbers given are correct.

Your application will be sent to the client & soon as Wild Dreams has received feedback we will get in touch with you to let you know the outcome, which hopefully will be in interview!

Depending on if the client has shortlisted you and wants to proceed Wild Dreams will facilitate the process going forward which may involve an interview via phone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, What’s app call or in person. If you have not be shortlisted you will be advised and your details will be kept in a database until any other suitable positions come in.

If you are shortlisted Wild Dreams will make sure you have all of the establishments details before the interview and will arrange the logistics of this.

Please note we try to give us much information as possible if you have not been shortlisted by the client however we can only give as much as we have been given, sometimes we aren’t given reasons unfortunately.

Once you have interviewed you will be given feedback as soon as the client has given this to Wild Dreams, please do advise us your feedback after interviewing.

If you are offered the position you will be advised by us and should you wish to accept then we will send you any relevant paperwork from the client, sometimes this is done before you are on site but sometimes the employer will do this with you when you start work.

Wild Dreams will support you throughout the whole process and our aim is to make your wildest dreams come true and find the perfect position for you!