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A day in the life of a Lodge Manager

Everyday can be different, you never know what challenges you are going to face so although its good to have structure to your day and plan ahead, if something requires your immediate attention then you have to focus on that and learn to prioritise your day. My day starts with checking emails and reminding myself […]

10 Reasons why Hospitality is the best!

  You get to make people so happy! People may be on holiday or out for a special celebration, and it may be a once in a life time opportunity for them, specially in the Game Lodge/Hotel/Cruise environment where people have saved up for a special trip which you get to be part of and […]

Practice Interview Questions

Before attending an interview its important to do as much research on the company before arrival, a good way to do this is to normally look on their website, if you are working through a recruiter ask them for as much information about the position as possible. Not all interviews are going to be the […]