Veganism is BOOMING! Studies show a 700% increase in the last 3 years alone.

I am offering a 30 minute free consultation to Lodges, Hotels and Restaurants.

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Many of your guests/customers will be vegan and I’m sure as a Hospitality business owner or manager, this is a request that is becoming more common and IF it’s not, then it may be due to what you are currently offering (or not offering!)

It’s so important to move with the times and give your guests/customers what they want.

Word of mouth among the community is very important so if a vegan guest is blown away, then they will tell EVERYONE!



To give you a few statistics:

– Vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014-2019 & 224 million people were reached through veganuary’s social media in 2020, the Uk is the fastest growing vegan population, with Australia the 2nd.

– In Europe, we saw an increase of 93% for vegan food/drink businesses opening in 2019

– There was a 600% increase in people going vegan in the USA between 2014-2017

– Experts are predicting that by 2040 only 40% of the global population will be consuming meat as we know it today

– In Germany one in 5 or one in 10 people (depending on their age) purchase meat alternatives



These STATISTICS are your guests!


South Africa is currently listed as the 23rd most popular destination for vegans to visit on holiday and the quicker up the list we go the more tourists will visit.


Hayley Cooper is Africa’s first Certified Vegan Hospitality Consultant, certified through Vegan Hospitality.

In 2021 Hayley also took over as Chief Operating Officer for Vegan Hospitality & we offer these services on a large scale globally.

Hayley is an Industry Leader with 25 years in Hospitality Management. Her company, Wild Dreams, located in Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa, serves clients in Southern Africa, including businesses in Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi and beyond. Her services are also offered as a fully remote package worldwide.

She is passionate about helping Game Lodges, Restaurants and Hotels reach their full potential in attracting and serving the modern hospitality guest. She provides services in menu planning to expand your customer base, wine lists and tastings, vegan customer service training to support both front and back of house staff, and vegan and allergy-friendly amenities.

Hayley has worked with a range of clients from small B&Bs to country hotels, bush camps and luxury lodges, with her first client winning an award from PETA as one of the best vegan safari experiences!



Hayley is the author of a vegan transition e-book called ”YOUR VEGAN BESTIE” to help you navigate to a vegan lifestyle which you can purchase here



Hayley’s extensive Hospitality experience in a range of different establishments and environments, both internationally and locally, allows her to quickly and effectively create customized plans to take her clients to their next level of service. She has combined her hospitality expertise with her passion for helping businesses create an exceptional vegan experience for their customers and guests.

Hayley’s enthusiasm comes from a deep love for animals, dedicating much of her life to rehabilitating wildlife in South Africa. Her approach to living sustainably and a passion for plant-based nutrition is what drives her to provide an expert service to her clients.

Her company Wild Dreams is well established, has excellent testimonials and she prides herself on providing a professional and personalized service to the Hospitality industry.

She guarantees to make your ‘wildest dreams’ come true during this process which will help to ensure your company moves with these exciting times, in this ever-growing industry.



The Vegan Hospitality Consulting is personalized to your company, & can be conducted onsite or remotely & include:

Menu & Clientele review

Recipe and Menu creation

Menu labelling (food and drinks)

Wine list with descriptions, wine tasting template and wine and food pairing

Gin List & tasting notes/training

Staff training – BOH (Chefs & Housekeepers) FOH (Waiters, Bar, F&B Managers & Hosts) & Field Guides

Sourcing of products – food, room and spa amenities

Supermarket tour (with the Head Chef/F&B Manager)

Social media marketing of new menu/vegan friendly offerings

Marketing strategies for your business

Food photography for your social media/menu/recipe packet



Hayley also conducts online trainings both 1:1 & for groups.

In these trainings you will be given an in-depth understanding into your vegan customers mind.

Understand their wants & needs & know how to achieve this.

You will be able to respond confidentially to your vegan customers, understand what different protocols are needed & know what the current trends are.

Online trainings on offer:

Vegan hospitality for Lodges

Vegan hospitality for Restaurants

Vegan hospitality for Hotels/B&Bs


 We also offer short trainings for each department in:

Vegan hospitality for Field Guides

Vegan hospitality for FOH

Vegan hospitality for Chefs

Vegan hospitality for Housekeepers




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Please note we also offer vegan consulting services to supermarkets, movie, TV and commercial catering, tour guides, for events & through employee wellness workshops.

We also conduct veganism in the workplace talks & trainings.


We are a member of Vegan Business Tribe





We are a member of Ethical Globe

We are Vegan Founded