If you are an employer and would like Wild Dreams to assist you in finding a candidate for a position


Once you have contacted Wild Dreams you will be sent an email with our T&Cs, please read through, sign and send back to us.
Our T&Cs are highly competitive.

The correct email to use is attention: Amore (Recruitment Manager)

Sometimes Angie is also on this email (Assistant Recruitment Manager)


Wild dreams will also ask you to complete an employer form in order to get all of your requirements for the position, alternatively you can provide this information on email.


Wild Dreams will submit any candidates that we feel may be suitable and will be available to answer any questions that you have.


Once you have had time to review the CV and you have sent us your feedback as soon as possible (it’s very competitive and we don’t want you to miss out on an exceptional candidate), we will either advise the candidate they have been unsuccessful if you don’t feel they are the right person for the job (this is rare, our success rate is very high!) if feedback can be given as to why this is then it helps us to understand your needs better. If they have been successful, we will arrange the logistics of the interview based on how you would like to progress. Please note if we haven’t heard back from you on us submitting a candidate for review, we will get in touch within a week to follow up.


Assuming the interview is successful and you would like to make the candidate an offer we will pass on all offer details to them and will get back to you with an answer asap.
If contracts are required to be signed prior to appointment then we will facilitate this will the candidate.


An invoice will be sent to you for payment (to be paid within 7 working days of the contract being signed by the employee or on the official start date of the employee)


Wild Dreams is here to support you and assist with any details you need and aim to find you the perfect candidate who will fit into the team and be a great asset to you. Please read our testimonials from both our clients & candidates.

Employer Testimonials