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See below answers to some common CV questions:

What if I haven’t worked yet? What reference can I list?

You can put someone as a character references such as your priest, educator, teacher (not a family member)

What should my photo be like?

: Your photo should be as smart and ‘professional' looking as possible
: It should be in colour; black and white copies don’t look very good
: It should be head and shoulders, not full body
: You should be wearing smart clothing
: You should be smiling and looking happy in the photo
: No drinks, cigarettes in the photo
: No other people in the photo, only you
: No sunglasses or caps
: Hair should be neat and tidy
: Make up should be applied well
: Not a selfie
: Ask someone you know with a camera to take a photo of you and email it to you if you don’t have a camera, photos taken with cameras are better quality than phones or use a good quality phone

If I’m applying for a Chef’s position what is a food portfolio?

A food portfolio is photos of dishes you have cooked and plated, these should be dishes you are very proud off and most importantly look amazing as they are photos showing your skills. You should try to include at least 2 x starters, 2 x main courses and 2 x desserts to showcase your range of talent for cooking and presenting dishes. If you would like to send more photo’s you can but this is the minimum amount you should be submitting.

What is a written reference?

Before leaving any employer, you should request a written reference from your supervisor/manager, this letter should be on the company letter headed paper, with the person who is writing the references name and position and include all contact details and be signed by them. Remember the more reference letters you get the better so ask from every employer

What is a cover letter and what should it include?

A cover letter is basically motivation as to why a company should consider employing you but this needs to be kept very brief, sometimes people will do this as a separate letter to their Cv however the less paperwork the better so I suggest you do the cover paragraph as part of your Cv, this would be at the beginning of the Cv and include your experience/passion/enthusiasm for employment. I prefer to call this a ‘Cover Paragraph’
Here is an example of your ‘cover paragraph’:
I John Smith, am a highly experienced waiter, barman and butler. I have 5 Star experience looking after international guests from all over the world. I was promoted from a sculler position to a waiter and then also given the responsibility to offer a high-end butler service at a private villa. I feel my experience combined with my passion for the Hospitality industry will be an asset to any company and look forward to broadening my skills at a new company.

Download a CV Template: