Recruitment insights for 2023

We make a point of ensuring we are up to date with industry trends and although no one could have predicted the last couple of years happening, it has taught us all a lot. We are fascinated to see how the Pandemic has changed the industry and the hospitality professionals who hold it together.

Since the start of the recovery period there has been a big increase in recruitment requests and we can see clear trends in the sorts of positions that are needed the most, the skills needed the most as well as where salaries are changing.

The industry is constantly evolving and it’s become extra competitive in terms of finding and retaining great staff and we would like to share a few tips directly related to the recruitment of staff, so that we can give you an even better service from the new year.

  • Being transparent about salary packages is becoming a big ask from job seekers, they are telling us that they are tired of seeing ‘’market related’’ or ‘’neg doe’’ or their worst ‘’include your salary expectations’’! We do of course find out what they expect and we also know what is market related, but many candidates won’t even consider applying for jobs without this information clearly stated on the job adverts now.
  • It’s important to check that your salaries are competitive, and at the very least market related. There is more and more online vocal backlash calling out companies who aren’t. Candidates are getting counter offers from both there current employers and other companies that they are interviewing with, don’t just assume they only have your offer on the table. Check if you are offering what is market related for your positions & contact us for more information.
  • If you offer something unique for your staff; bed nights, employee wellness days, staff pool, performance bonuses, etc; let us know! This makes your positions more attractive. The more benefits the better.
  • In order to settle long term, employees want accommodation that they can create a home in. If you include accommodation in your package let us know what it’s like, send us photos if possible. This is a common question we are asked by job seekers.
  • It takes time to find great staff and we fully understand that often there are situations that are out of everyone’s control, and you need someone yesterday. However it’s a good idea to get us the information on your vacancies as soon as you can, keeping in mind things like notice periods and leave cycles. Get back to us immediately as in many cases these candidates are very sought after and may be snapped up by another company. It’s also helpful if you keep us in the loop on your time frame and availability to review candidates and conduct interviews. Finding & hiring great staff can be very time sensitive!
  • Love it or hate it, I’m sure you have all seen the remote or hybrid work adaptations many companies have made. Although this only works for a handful of positions within our industry, you can make this work for your reservations, finance, HR or marketing/sales teams as it seems to be a big drive for job seekers as more and more people want a better work/life balance.
  • Communication is key in everything we do, we want to give our candidates as much feedback as possible on their applications, interviews and throughout the recruitment process. If you can provide as much information as possible to us we can ensure we are only submitting candidates to you that you are excited to interview. We are very proud that we respond to every single candidate who applies to us, you won’t see a ‘’if you don’t hear from us please consider your application unsuccessful’’ and having your help keeping us in the loop means our candidates are updated every step of the way and can improve where they need to.
  • Let us know once vacancies are closed/filled. We are always happy that you have found your ideal candidate, but we want to ensure our website stays 100% up to date at all times to offer the best service to our candidates. Sometimes we are working on vacancies that are already closed, and this means we have less time to focus on the active roles you/other clients have.
  • You will all know by now we are experts when it comes to knowing what each role requires. We are a team with 100+ years of hospitality industry experience between us and we can write a job advert in our sleep; however the more information you can share about your company’s structure, values, and ethos; the better. Candidates want to understand as much as possible about your company before they go through the process of applying & interviewing.
  • On site visits are becoming more common practice and if you would like us to come for a visit, then let us know and we will see if it can work out as we have recruiters dotted all over the country. This gives us a feel for your uniqueness which in return we can use to make sure we match ideal employees to your business.
  • It’s becoming even more important to find employees who are aligned to your company’s values so it’s a good idea to refer to these during your interview process and make sure your company branding matches this, if you would like more information on attracting values aligned employees let us know.
  • When you have a new employee start, look at unique and fun onboarding practices to make them feel welcome and excited. We have all been there, starting a new job can be overwhelming for even the most experienced of us. Contact us about onboarding practices.
  • Once you have hired the ideal employee focus on retention. Arrange training, support them, focus on their wellbeing and see how you can incorporate this into the work day.


If a candidate says no to your job offer it may be due to the following…

  • Mismatch of cultures
  • Salary not competitive
  • Lack of employee benefits
  • Received a counter offer
  • Process took too long
  • Weren’t ”sold” the position during the interview process

We hope you have found these insights helpful and keep an eye on our website which is a hub of activity with info for job seekers and clients. Follow us on social media too. If you have any questions about the info in this document feel free to reach out.