Side hustle ideas

A side hustle is any type of employment or source of income that is in addition to your full-time job. It is not typically the same thing as a part-time job and often provides more freedom than a part-time position. It is an additional source of income that you bring in during your spare time that can help you save money, get out of debt and reach other financial goals that your full-time job alone does not support.

Here are a few ideas that you can look into doing while still in full-time employment. Some may even turn into careers which you can transfer into if they are financially viable & you love doing them.

Just some additional words of wisdom before you look over this list…

  • Never start extra work without checking it’s not in competition/breach of your contract with your employer.
  • Ensure you only take on work/start a business that you have the time & energy for.
  • Make sure you have a support network you can chat to when you need some advice or just someone to listen.
  • If extra work is causing you stress or you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, then stop! The money is not worth your health, relationships or your sanity.
  • Only take on something you would generally enjoy doing – think about your hobbies, passions & what you are good at. What makes your smile?
  • I suggest choosing 3-5 of these that appeal to you and then doing as much research as possible on them, find people doing this work on LinkedIn & ask some advice before taking the plunge.
  • Never invest your savings into this unless you feel its worthwhile, but at the same time taking small risks sometimes really pays off. Taking calculated & educated risks is how you should approach this.


Side hustle ideas….

Dog walking/Pet sitting

Flip items for profit

Draw & sell your work

Make craft items like notelets, bookmarks, cards to sell

Teach English or another language

Teach people how to do a skill you can do

Sell photography work

Take photos of people

Udemy or another platform – create an online course

Youtube channel

Tutor people

Blog writing

Create canvas of flyers/business cards for people

Create a website which is successful enough people pay you for advertising

Offer website design

Become a weekend tour guide

Write a book or e-book

Start a Podcast

Food/grocery delivery service

Online surveys

Online fashion stylist

Yoga instructor

Teach meditation

Rent out a room in your house

Run errands for people

Stock market/invest

Do people’s tax/accounts

Consult for businesses within your area of expertise

Bake & sell cakes/cookies

Make any food product to sell at markets/shops

Mystery shopper

Virtual assistant

Test apps and websites



Freelance writing

Creating people’s websites

Sell domains

Ghost writing

Car washing

Gardening services

Private chef service

Home delivery meal service

Doing people’s hair, nails, make up

Pet grooming


Weekend event work

Rent your car

Create a paid newsletter

Promote brands and get commission

Handyman/mechanic service

Ironing/housekeeping service

House sitting

Movie extra

Personal trainer

Coaching in your area of expertise


Baby sitting

Airbnb your house

Uber driver

Delivery driver

Rent your parking space

Do clothing alterations

House cleaning

Do peoples laundry/ironing

Rent storage space

Become a wedding official

Do peoples meal prep

Do data entry


If you decide to give one of these a try, we would love to hear from you, drop us a DM on our Instagram & tell us how it is going.