Interview with a Hospitality professional who manages 3 different roles in a 5 Star Lodge!

How to Manage 3 different roles within the Hospitality industry, from someone who knows!

Today I am interviewing Patricia, she has 3 different roles in different departments within a 5 Star Game Lodge, these roles are:

Spa Therapist

Relief Villa Manager

Office Admin Assistant

Today, I find out how she manages her time and what are the benefits and challenges that goes with her roles.

Patricia, you have 3 different roles, how did this happen?

I was hired as Spa Therapist and this included working in the office, many lodges do operate like this. Then one of our Villa Managers resigned and the staff were asked if anyone would like to apply internally for this job before management started recruiting for the role. I applied and got the job!

How did you find yourself employed at your current Lodge?

A friend recommended me to the manager of the lodge as he was looking for a new therapist, he called me and I came for an interview so I was basically head-hunted.

What qualifications do you have?

I passed Matric, and then went on to study at a Spa Academy to qualify as a therapist

What is the best thing about being a Spa therapist?

Making people feel good after treatments

What is the best thing about being a Villa Manager?

Meeting different guests and learning about their cultures

What is the best thing about being an office assistant?

The fact that people depend on me is a good feeling

How would you say your time is split between these roles?

I work in the office and as guests want to book spa treatments I schedule these into my day, I then also alternate with the other Villa Manager to go and work there

Do you have any advice for anyone who would love to get experience in lots of different departments?

It’s a lot of work but you need to work hard to get what you want out of life

Which of your roles challenges you the most and why?

Working in the office, the information provided by the office is the operations for the whole lodge so if you make a mistake it can affect everyone so it’s a lot of responsibility

If you could choose only one of these roles to do for the next year which one would you choose?

Working as the Villa Manager

Do you have any plans to study more?

Yes, I would like to study Hospitality Management

Do you see yourself progressing from your current job one day and if so what would be your ideal job?

Yes, I would like to run a small lodge or villa in the future

What is the one thing people should know before starting a job in the Hospitality Industry?

If you have a close family or children then you have to understand that you wont see them often as you will be away from them and this can be very hard so you have to prepare yourself for this

Thanks Patricia, you clearly are excellent at Multi-tasking and although it cant always be easy you obviously enjoy all aspects of your job and I’m sure you are in no danger of ever getting board!

Cover image: Kings Camp, Timbavati