From Tracker to Guide – Interview with a Guide who knows


Interview with an experienced Guide working at a 5 star lodge who started his career as a Tracker

Remember Mashele

Where and when did you learn to be a tracker?

In 2000 I started training to be a Tracker where I was working


How did you qualify as a tracker?

I attended courses at the reserve through the lodge I was working for



When you were learning to track was there any specific people who helped you?

A man named Elvis Kubayi helped me to learn tracking and trailing


Why did you decide you wanted to be a guide and when was this?

I wanted to be involved with both animals and people so in 2005 I decided to train as a guide to interact more with guests


Did you self-study to take your guiding exam or did you do it through a course? If you used a course which training provider did you use?

I self-Studied


What qualifications do you currently have as a guide?

FGASA Level 1 (NQF 2) and Lead Trails to conduct walks, I also have my Advanced rifle handling qualification


Do you want to continue to study as a guide and if so, what would you like to study?

Yes, I would like to study for higher FGASA levels, so next will be FGASA Level 2 (NQF 2)


What is your favourite thing about tracking?

Trailing an animal and finding it while learning the behaviour of the animal that you are tracking


What is your favourite thing about guiding?

Meeting people from different cultures and learning about them


Do you think starting as a tracker has helped you as a guide?

Yes, it helped me a lot


Do you have any advice for any trackers who are wanting to move into guiding?

To be patient and learn from the other Guides already in the industry


What is your favourite animal to track?



What is your favourite animal to view from a vehicle on safari?

Wild Dogs



If you weren’t a Guide what Job do you think you would have?

Lawyer! – a totally different industry



Thanks Remember, very interesting to hear about your journey from Tracker to Guide and just as interesting to hear that if you weren’t a Guide you would be in Law! I personally have been lucky enough to be on foot in the bush with Remember and he is still just as good at tracking as he is guiding. – Hayley, Wild Dreams.

Any trackers who are in the industry and interested in becoming a Guide this goes to show you with determination it can be done.