Interview tips and suggestions to help you GET THE JOB

So, you have had the call to say you have been invited to an interview, BUT…. now what!

Its important to NOT DO two things after getting this call….


2. PANIC!!!



You obviously wont know if the employer has already seen other interviewees or has other interviews lined up after you so although just getting an interview is very exciting, you need to make sure you present yourself in the best possible way to the employer so that they choose you for the job!

Your preparation and the effort you put in could make or break this opportunity for you.

Its natural to be a bit nervous on hearing you have an interview lined up, especially if its your first interview or if you haven’t attended any interviews for a very long time.

So we have put together a few helpful suggestions in order to ensure you feel prepared and ready to ‘’shine’’

WELL BEFORE the interview:

  • Make sure you know where you are going (exact location)
  • Make sure you have planned your transport method, whether you are driving yourself (check your car is good to go and has fuel!) or if you are using public transport, know which taxis/busses to get and from where
  • Know the time that you will need to depart home to arrive at least 30 minutes early (possibly more, if using public transport just in case)
  • Make sure you have the contact details of your recruiter/the person you are interviewing with in case you need them
  • Make sure you have a cell phone with you with airtime, in case you have an unexpected delay and need to inform them
  • Make sure you have some money with you, hopefully you will know this in advance but some reserves (if you have a lodge-based interview) may require payment on entry
  • Make sure you research the company and know what position you are applying for
  • Check out the Wild Dreams website for our Practice interview questions, we suggest doing them with a friend or family member first
  • Make sure a friend/family member knows where you are going and when you will return


  • Its important to look smart for an interview, but also just as important to be comfortable in what you are wearing so choose your outfit carefully
  • Outfit suggestions for men – long pants and a plain shirt, tucked in (a tie is not essential, but if you would like to wear one, of course you can) shoes should be smartish and clean
  • Outfit suggestions for women – pants or a skirt, but if a skirt not too short, a plain top of your choice, not too low cut. Make up but minimal and jewerelly, also minimal. If you are wearing heels, just make sure you can walk in them
  • Its still good to show off your ‘’style’’ in your interview outfit but try and be on the the smarter side of what you would normally wear and make the effort!
  • Make sure you have had a shower and are smelling good
  • Make sure your clothes are clean
  • Clean teeth (as you should be smiling on arrival!)
  • Make sure overall you are neat, clean and presentable



  • Other than a cellphone and some cash you should also have your ID with you
  • The place where you are interviewing will already have a copy of your Cv, if you would like to bring a copy with you, then you can, but this isn’t essential
  • If you have certificates related to the position, then you can bring these if you would like
  • If you are a Chef, you will probably of already submitted a food portfolio but you could also bring some food images as a portfolio with you
  • If you are a guide who has photographic abilities and have a wildlife images portfolio you could bring this as well
  • If bringing documents, then make sure you have them well presented in a flip file or similar
  • If you have any images/certificates/reference letters that may not of been submitted already but you think they may be asked for or may help your interview then you can also put these onto a USB stick and have this with you, if the employer asks or you feel its worth mentioning then they can use the stick to view the images or documents on their computers
  • If you know you have a long distance to travel to the interview, make sure you bring some food and water so that you aren’t so hungry on arrival that your stomach growls throughout the interview process



  • Make sure you smile at the person who is greeting you and shake their hand, you make be greeted by someone who isn’t the interviewer, such as a receptionist but it’s important you give a good first impression to every single person who you meet at the company so smile and be friendly to all
  • When shaking people’s hand, do so firmly (but not too tight or hard)
  • Look people in the eye when you meet them
  • Smile and stand by tall
  • It’s a good idea to turn your cellphone off or on silent now as you don’t want it going off in the interview
  • If you need the bathroom before the interview – ask! You don’t want to be uncomftable throughout the interview
  • If you are staying over for a working interview, find out where you can put your belongings so these aren’t in the way


  • Let the interviewer show you were you should sit, before sitting down
  • When you are in the interview sit up tall in your chair
  • Try not to look down and look the interviewer in the eyes when talking and listening
  • Make sure you listen carefully to everything that is being said
  • If there are other staff around or distractions just try to stay focused
  • Think before you answer a question and try to answer it with as much confidence as possible
  • Try to keep all of your answers relevant to the industry/position
  • Have a couple of questions ready that you want to ask them (this isn’t always possible, as maybe they have answered all of your planned questions in the interview, but if this is the case, then just let them know that they have done this)
  • Make sure you are polite and friendly throughout the interview
  • When talking about the industry, your past work or the position you are applying for be enthuastic so they know you are passionate about getting this position


  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Shake their hand
  • Look them in the eye
  • Smile
  • Let them know you are excited to hear back from them

If you are in a working interview then you will have more time to impress, just remember you will be being watched by not only the employer but the other staff, although this is a scary thought it is your chance to show them why you would be an excellent addition to their team and get to know them

We hope these tips and suggestions are helpful for your next interview, remember to use the Wild Dreams website as a tool to assist you in your job search.

The website has blogs, tips, motivation, practice interview questions, a cv template, the dos and don’t of cv writing and explanations about many typical questions that job seekers have.

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And we hope you get to hear these words very soon….