Hosting blog – what is a HOST?

‘Hosting’ – what does this word mean that we so commonly hear in the industry? What qualities do I need to be a good host? What can I expect to do in this role?

This blog is designed to answer all of those questions!

Many words based on it came to English through French, which often dropped the –pi–, leaving host-. Hospitality is what a good host or hostess offers to a guest.


The dictionary definition of a ‘’Host’’ is:




gerund or present participle: hosting


act as host at (an event) or for (a television or radio programme)


Within the Hospitality and Tourism industry however the ‘’event’’ is the day to day operations, a Host can also actually have a few different names such as:

Guest relations

Guest liaison


Front of House

The above job titles all come with very similar duties and requirements.


As you will notice these words often have the word GUEST in them, this is because as a Host your main priority is the guests. Making sure they are happy at all times and having the best holiday experience ever.

Hosts can be employed in restaurants, hotels and lodges.

In particular in the lodge environment some positions will simply title the role as a ‘’Host’’ whereas others will have ‘’Hosting abilities’’ listed as one of the criteria for the position.

It’s a huge part of the lodge industry and the host is often seen as the ‘’face of the lodge’’

Guides also have to host as part of their job, not only at meals and drinks but throughout the day during the game drives they are also hosting to some degree. It’s important if you are considering becoming a guide that you understand the job is very much about people and although you need the wildlife knowledge and to be conservation minded like a field ranger would be, Guiding from a commercial lodge is about keeping the guests happy and entertaining while also making sure there is as little impact on the animals and the environment as possible.

Its often a starting position within the industry but it’s an aspect of the Hospitality industry that you always have to be skilled in. Even Senior Management must have the ability to host.

Most people within the Hospitality industry who have hosting as part of their position will know that you have to have specific qualities to do this correctly.


So, what are these qualities?

You have to be a ‘’peoples person’’ so really enjoy speaking and interacting with people

You need to be confident when speaking to people you don’t know (not shy)

You have to know how to present yourself well – by this I don’t just mean, looking good in smart clothes, but also your posture, your smile and overall demeaner

You need a good base knowledge of where you work and the industry you are in, as you will be the ‘’go-to’’ person that guests ask questions to

Your spoken English needs to be very good as this is the language you will be communicating to guests in

You should be highly organised

Have a great memory

Have excellent attention to detail skills

You should be a good problem solver

You should be a calm person by nature

Your attitude needs to be friendly and approachable

You need to be able to separate work from home life as you are always in the front of the guests so a smile is always essential

You should be polite and know polite terms to use when speaking

Normally the role requires admin and computer duties too so a knowledge of these would also be beneficial

You should have a good base knowledge of all departments within your place of employment but in particular F&B as you will always be around while guests are eating and drinking so you need to know what drink is what, about wines and understand all dietary requirements.

So what does the role actually entail?

As a Host, (or similar) you can expect daily duties to range from the following, although they wouldn’t be limited to these and every establishment is of course different….


Compiling the day sheet/board with information for the new arrivals

Making sure if there are any special requests or requirements that day that the relevant departments are aware

Making sure all guest areas are set up ready and are neat and tidy prior to guests coming back from a morning activity

Often preparing welcome drinks and facecloths

Greeting guests on arrival back from the activity and hearing how their morning has been

Making sure tables are set up correctly in the morning and diet requirements catered for

Chatting to guests when they come for breakfast and making sure they are happy

Assisting with the serving of meals throughout the day

Making sure guests who are departing have all relevant information they need

Making sure guest luggage is brought from the rooms to reception

Assisting with the checkout process

Saying goodbye to guests who are leaving, making sure they have a great last impression and getting any feedback they may have

Assisting with any question’s guests may have throughout the day

Preparing the new arrival information

Greeting new guests on arrival

Check ins including tour of the property and room tour

Passing on any new information from new guests to the relevant departments

Checking on guests during lunch and finding out if they need anything

Making sure the afternoon coffee is set up and ready

Seeing guests off on afternoon activities

Greeting guests back in the evenings and preparing any drinks/cloths

Assisting with any special set ups like sun-downers, or bush meals or any special occasion plans

Chatting to guests during the dinner service and making sure they are all happy

Making sure relevant departments are aware of any early morning requests

Passing on feedback to the relevant person/manager about the day including any guest complaints, questions or compliments.

This should give you a good idea of the standard daily duties a host would manage.


Hosts can really ‘’make’’ a property and are often the people guests comment on the most as they see them the most! so it’s a very important job and one that you should be very proud of, if you are already in a role like this.


Possibly the most important aspect of all to remember at all times, is to simply be friendly and smile – a lot!


By Hayley – Wild Dreams Hospitality