Why Consult a Recruitment Agency?

How it all works? We are constantly connecting, building and maintaining relationships with our clients. This means we get access to more vacancies for our job seekers, being able to assist you as a job seeker better.

This isn’t always so simple! We pride ourselves in knowing exactly what our clients needs are, and have access to all of these positions because we are incredibly accurate in our match making abilities.

What is often misunderstood, is that we have a say in the hiring process. So although we still get back to all of you as job seekers, we can’t always help you in landing that dream job.

Our operations.

To any new viewers, Hayley is the founder of Wild Dreams Hospitality. Some might see her as a workaholic/energy bunny as she’s managing a lodge while running a successful business. The truth is there’s just a hell of a lot of passion in her. Because Hayley never runs out of ideas and is constantly giving back to staff, the community as well as constantly running training programs and creating courses – she trained me. I’m Amore, and I run the Recruitment Operations of Wild Dreams. I liaise with our clients, manage our recruiters as well as recruit for openings myself. It sounds quite simple really, however it isn’t. In our recruitment team, we have Anna who was the first to join Wild Dreams after I had. Many of you would have worked with her or have been placed by her in the past year and a bit. Recruitment grew as the pandemic stretched further away in our review mirrors – we now have 3 others. Angie, Matt and Mel – all integral additions to the success of Wild Dreams.

Each have different backgrounds, with the common ground that is hospitality. Angie worked herself up to Assistant Recruitment Manager and most will be seeing a bit more of her.

Why use a recruitment company as a job seeker?

As a job seeker, you might often feel quite unsure. Whether it’s about a position, possible employers, market related salaries, requirements; we’re here to bounce off of. We’re the buffer between knowing where you’re suited, knowing possible employers are true and good as well as knowing what you’re worth and where you shouldn’t settle. This might not be common knowledge, but Wild Dreams does have a blacklist of clients who we do not support, nor would we put our candidates in unfavorable environments.

In our services to job seekers – we don’t ignore you and all are responded to. We gear your applications towards what strengths are needed for certain positions and we add motivations; otherwise known as recommendations or references conducted from previous employers. You do the rest to land the job!

It is important to note that candidates do NOT pay for the services of a recruiter.

Just be respectful and kind.

Why use a recruitment company as an employer?

It all really boils down to time saving and convenience. However, not every agency might provide that. We have a constantly growing database of incredible and passionate people, in all departments of hospitality and tourism. Throughout South Africa and Africa.

A lot of time is spent sourcing potential through constant conversations; whereas most employers don’t have the time to do so.

However, there is no point in time saving convenience if candidates are never suited, and that’s where our personal experience and time spent in the industry allows for accurate match making.

By the time applications are sent through, candidates have gone through initial interviews and conversations as well as being vetted by previous employers. All laid out in a straight forward manner, assisting in faster decision making.

If you would like assistance in finding staff, please email me at jobs@wilddreams.co.za

Blog by Amore van Wyk