Why being a recruiter is awesome!

Recruitment can be a tough industry, there are many challenges and it isn’t for everyone. However there are many positive aspects about the job and many perks.

The Wild Dreams herd are all very passionate about recruiting and today we are sharing with you the main reasons why. This will also give you a good insight into what recruitment is all about and if you are thinking about going into this industry then you can see if these aspects below get you as excited as us!


We change lives

The most important part of a recruiter’s job is finding the perfect candidate to fill that job. Ok so it may take a lot of phone calls, meetings, and emails until you find them, but how great does it feel when you have taken someone through the whole recruitment process then secured them their dream job?  Knowing that you’ve helped change someone’s life for the better is an amazing feeling, and the satisfaction you get from this doesn’t get much better. Although Wild Dreams is always professional, when a candidate gets their dream job we are just as excited for them as we would be a best friend.


We have lots of independence

Unlike many professions, recruiters have a great deal of autonomy over their day-to-day workload. Once you have your targets in place, how you reach them is entirely up to you. You have the freedom to manage your own daily tasks however you see fit. You can basically work from anywhere! The remote work/work from home topic has been a hot one over the last couple of years and in recruitment it is rare for everyone to meet in one place in an office.

The Wild Dreams herd is dotted around South Africa in 4 different provinces and we work from home and love it. We do however keep in touch daily and have weekly meetings as its still great to work with colleagues even though we aren’t physically together.


You can make great money

If you work hard to get results, you get rewarded. Nearly all recruitment jobs are commission based. This means your pay can have no limits if you continue to do well. You do need to be self motivated but when you start to see the income you can achieve its a great reason to get to work!



Every day is different – one thing’s for sure, being a recruiter certainly isn’t boring! We deal with different clients, different vacancies, different candidates and are arranging different interviews on a daily basis. No two days are ever the same.


The competition can be thrilling

If you enjoy competition, then recruitment is the perfect career for you! Although at Wild Dreams we don’t compete with each other as we help each other as a team, we are like with any industry competing with other similar companies and this can be great to keep you on your toes and feels really good when you are nailing it!


You improve clients’ businesses

Any business knows they have to hire the best talent to achieve the best results. If you hire someone for your client who goes on to become a fantastic employee, then your client is going to be extremely grateful.

With still being in Lodge Management (Hayley – Owner) I really know how important it is to match candidates are clients and know what a huge difference to your business and your day to day life if you have the right staff on board.


It’s incredibly rewarding

It’s not all about the financial rewards (although this helps!).

The feeling you get when you successfully place someone in a job they want to do is extremely rewarding as well.

Getting a new job can change someone’s life completely, and you play a massive part in doing this. We are all very compassionate and caring people and just love helping people in any way that we can. We also love getting your positive feedback, Ill let you in on a secret – sometimes it even makes us cry!


It keeps you on your toes

How many people do you know who can honestly say their jobs are exciting?

Probably not many, but recruiting is one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries to work in.

Whether it’s securing someone a job or closing a business deal there is always something thrilling going on! The Wild Dreams herd all come from the Hospitality background which is also a fast paced environment so we are used to this and although its very different working in recruitment the excitement is very similar.


You can stay in the Industry you love but in a different way

Wild Dreams specializes in hospitality recruitment and this is an industry that we all love and are so familiar with. In fact between us we have 84 years of experience within the industry! Working specifically in hospitality recruitment means that we are still in the industry, keeping in touch with trends and networking with other who share our passion is really enjoyable.


If you have been following Wild Dreams for a while you will know that we share lots of helpful tips and information to all of our candidates and our clients. This is a huge part of our ethos to help and giveback. Make sure you are following us on our social media platforms for updates and information: Instagram and Facebook


Written by: Hayley Cooper