Top 20 interview tips

Interviews can be scary & nerve wracking; you are putting yourself into a situation where you are being judged on your past experience, performance, but also on your personality so it’s understandable to feel the pressure.

However, you should also see this as exciting! A chance to ‘’sell yourself’’ show a potential employer what skills you have & create your dream life. This is the first step!

To help you through your next interview we have complied 20 of our top tips.




  • Make sure you research the company & the position you are applying for


  • Make sure you know the exact location of the interview & the best way to get there


  • Make sure you have the relevant contact details for the person who is interviewing you just in case of an emergency on route (car breakdown for example)


  • Choose an outfit that is smart but comfortable.


  • Always arrive at least 10 minutes early but try not to arrive more than half an hour before the time.


  • On arrival if you need the bathroom or a glass of water (maybe you have been travelling a while) then just ask, its important to feel comfortable before the interview starts.


  • Greet all of the staff around you. These may be your potential work colleagues in the future and you don’t know how much of a say they have in who is hired. You may walk right past the head of the department you are applying into to walk into the management office where the interview is happening.


  • Greet everyone in the interview room with eye contact and a firm handshake and a smile


  • Thank them for selecting you for an interview.


  • Let them show you where you should be seated for the interview.


  • Have a copy of your Cv with you, your related certificates and any copies of references, testimonials or other supporting documents such as portfolios.


  • Maintain eye contact while answering the interview questions and look at everyone in the interview (don’t just focus on one person)


  • Have a few answers in your head of typical questions they may ask you


  • If you get stuck while answering something, just pause, take a breathe and give yourself a minute to think about your answer


  • Sit up straight & don’t fidget with your hands or feet


  • Keep your answers relevant to the position you are applying for


  • Have a few questions prepared and ask these when they ask you if you have any questions


  • Once the interview is over, smile again, shake everyone’s hands and thank them for their time and say that you are looking forward to hearing back from them


  • One departing the interview say goodbye to the other staff on your way out


  • Within a couple of days send a thank you email to the employer, saying you appreciate them taking the time to meet with you and state any reasons why you feel you would be a good fit for their company or why you think you would be an asset to the team or why you would love this job


We hope you found this helpful and do share this blog with others who may have an interview coming up soon.

Best of luck in your interview, you know you are awesome so be confident and let that shine through. And we really hope you hear those words….