Best font for your Cv

You may think that there cant possibly be enough to say about font to create an entire blog, right? But in fact there is a lot we can cover on this topic and you may not realise, but this can make a big difference to your Cv and ultimately whether someone will read it or not!

Cvs are scanned in a matter of seconds and if yours is hard to read or messy then you run the risk of not being considered for that vacancy.

We are sharing with you our top 5 fonts, why they are the best to use & a few additional tips to help you.

Its a proven fact that recruiters and potential employers will spend more time looking through a Cv if everything is neat, easy to read with headings where they should be.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your Cv font.

  • Professionalism – how professional does this look?
  • Design – does it look good and fit in with the design of my cv
  • Spacing – does this font make everything spaced correctly
  • Readability – how easy is it to read – very important!

Some recruitment companies use an ATS system, and although Wild Dreams doesn’t as we like to offer a personal service, it is good for you to have an understanding of this in case another recruiter you work through does.

ATS stands for applicant tracking system and in affect a computer (not person) is the first one to read your Cv and if it doesn’t recognize the font then your Cv will not be forwarded into the database.

So lets talk about what font you can use…

Here we have chosen 5 of our favourites

Arial – Often used in website design and for branding

Tahoma – More narrow in body, gives it a more technical feel

Times New Roman – Many peoples favourite/go-to font as everyone knows it, its traditional and easily recognizable

Cambria – A neat font but with a bit of a fun look

Calibri (Body) – This is the Wild Dreams teams personal favourite, its clean and simple while still being pretty to look at


So once you have chosen your font, you need to decide what size it will be.

It shouldn’t be too small, you don’t want anyone squinting to read your Cv, but also shouldn’t be too big as this will just take up space and make your Cv longer than it needs to be.

Capitals should not be used either as people see this in text as ”shouting” so keep it mellow with only capitals at the start of sentences and not whole words all in capitals.

Your name and headings should be bigger than you text.

Name size you can use: 18

Heading size you can use: 14-16

Words you can use – 11- 12

If you want your Cv to fit on the page, for example if you have just one or two sentences that now make your Cv go from 2 to 3 pages then see if making your font slightly smaller will help to fit it all in as no one wants just a few words on a new page.

Your name and headings can be bolded so that they stand out but we suggest staying away from Italics.

Lastly review your Cv once done, have friends or family members have a look and do you and they all agree that it looks good? Are you happy with the font you choose, the size you choose and the overall layout? If the answer is yes then great, you have yourself a Cv.