Attract and Keep Values aligned employees

Why seek to hire values-aligned employees?

Having employees that are aligned to your company values will be a game changer for both your business and for your employees on both a personal and professional level.

  • Employees will be happier in an environment where they feel seen and connected. 
  • This will ensure that they do their job to the best of their ability as they have a clear understanding and path, they will be proud to have this career and to work for your company. 
  • They will be more productive, focused and engaged.
  • They will promote the company at every available opportunity. This will be both internally keeping morale high but also externally attracting even more values-aligned employees and even customers.
  • This also means they are more likely to stay with the company long term, viewing their career as part of their lifestyle.
  • Overall, this will enable you to have an empowered and engaged workforce to help take your company to the next level.


What do these words mean?

The words ‘’core values, mission statement, ethos and company culture’’ may just sound like ‘’buzz words’’ to some; this is typically happening to people who currently work for an organization that says that they have clear values but don’t live by them or show them in how they operate.

Of course, everyone wants to work for a company that fits their ‘’vibe’’ but it goes so much deeper than that for the business and for the employee.


Let’s define these terms…

Mission: What you need to do

Vision: Where you want to go

Values: What you believe in

Ethos: Your core values and how the operating principles reflect these

Organizational culture: The attitudes, behaviours and values of a company and its employees


How to attract the right people

  • Have your companies values available on the employment page on your website either as a downloadable document, directly on the landing page, or listed on each job description as you click onto each available position so that it can’t be missed.
  • Talk about this during the interview process and ask questions that will give you a clear indication of whether or not this potential employee will fit in with the culture of the company.
  • As part of the interview process, allow the potential employee to spend a night at your facility and spend time with other staff members to get an idea of the culture. This is specifically helpful for managerial level employees who you would like to retain beyond a season.
  • Have the company values and mission statement on employee job descriptions that are listed on external recruitment sites.
  • Make sure that all current employees have a clear understanding of the companies’ values and ethos. Include this in staff onboarding and as refreshers during staff meetings.
  • Make sure that managers have the tools and skills to conduct operations that align with the values.
  • Have the values visibly listed in relevant places that staff will see on a regular basis such as staff notice boards.
  • Share success stories around the company’s vision.
  • Talk about these often in meetings and have set meetings dedicated to the company values.
  • Make sure each employee understands their own value within the organization.
  • Have regular one on ones with employees and ask questions around the values.
  • Invest in learning and development aligned with the business’s goals.
  • Encourage employees to make suggestions and get involved, have a suggestion box and share employee surveys. In some cases let employees take the reins on their suggestions and in other cases collaborate with them.
  • Have a staff newsletter which shares information and insights around values.
  • Reward employees who show that they are actively implementing the values in either their work or personal life and share this with other staff. This could be in a staff meeting, on an email, through an employee recognition program, or in a newsletter.
  • If a particular employee catches your attention for being in strong alignment, see how you can integrate them into a more senior role through a promotion or changes to their job title, duties and salary package. They could be a future leader and really help to grow your business.


Very Important

“Walk the talk”: Make sure your brand and values match what you provide your employees and how they are treated.

Be adaptable: This all being said, it’s also important that you adapt your values as part of constant evaluation. The organization’s values do not have to be set in stone as long as they are redefined in a clear way and your employees are involved in the process and understand why the updates are being made.


  1. Know your values
  2. Model these values
  3. Communicate these values
  4. Celebrate those employees who live the organization‘s core values


We offer a unique workshop called ”Team Alignment Coaching” this is done by our founder, Hayley who is a certified career and life coach.

This is a holistic process for team members to understand themselves better as well as the company. The goal is to bond your team while ensuring alignment in the company’s mission, which will ultimately lead to the success of your business.

To find out more, get in touch with Hayley on