10 Reasons why Hospitality is the best!


You get to make people so happy!

People may be on holiday or out for a special celebration, and it may be a once in a life time opportunity for them, specially in the Game Lodge/Hotel/Cruise environment where people have saved up for a special trip which you get to be part of and help them create some amazing memories!

There are so many different options

In the industry you have many options and different paths you can take, not only in which department you work in but also in the type of environment. You could work in a busy city environment experiencing fast paced life, or if you prefer a slow paced remote lifestyle you could look at working in a game lodge, there’s restaurants, bars, hotels, lodges, cruise ships, café’s to name just a few so lots of options for you to explore and find what suits you and your lifestyle

It’s a very social environment

It you are a ‘people’s person’ then this is the industry for you! not only do you get to interact with customers and guests but its often a very social place to work, surrounded by like-minded colleagues and you are part of a team which can be a very rewarding feeling and you are all in it together

The industry is a ‘safe bet’

People are always going to need a bed to sleep in when they are away or need food to eat, drinks to drink and much needed holidays away so there will always be a need for hospitality establishments so there should always be options of work around the world

There are so many different departments within the industry it gives you a lot of scope to grow

There is a lot of opportunities within the industry to work your way up and always a chance to learn new trends which not only keeps things interesting but hopefully you can increase your earning potential as you gain more experience and work your way up the ladder

There are some nice perks

The industry has some lovely perks, maybe you get to eat amazing restaurant quality food in your lunch break, you may get to have friends and family stay where you work for a discounted rate, often the perks can help you save money as well specially if you don’t have to pay for accommodation or pay a minimal fee, this can save you a lot of money to spend on your own holidays

Its not your standard ‘Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 Job’

This may not sound like a good thing to some however who wants to sit in traffic at 6am to get to work by 9am? Or go to the shops on the busiest day of the month? Not only will you not have the rush hour traffic issues and be able to go to the shops in quieter times but often as you may end up working more often than Mon-Fri but get to take the days off at a later stage and have a longer holiday to take next time

It’s a very creative industry

If you are a creative person then it’s a great industry to be in, the industry always needs new ideas whether it’s a new cocktail of the month, dish on the menu, marketing on social media or just a way you welcome guests or customers when they arrive, there is a lot of opportunity to let your creative skills flow

It opens a door to the whole world

Not only are their hospitality establishments everywhere in the world but you will often meet people from other countries who may inspire you to travel or find a job in a different country. Its always good to network within the industry and try and learn as much as possible about different cultures and ways of life and maybe one day you will find yourself half way across the world   experiencing it all for yourself 

It’s a small industry actually

It may not feel like it when you think how many places there are around the world which are considered a ‘hospitality industry’ but when you meet people within this line of work you often will find you all have had similar experiences and share a passion and love for the industry. Often you will also find that people you meet will know people you have meet and you can share these experiences together after all it’s a small world!

It’s also almost guaranteed that everyone in the Hospitality industry will all find the same industry related meme on social media funny, as yes it’s not going to be amazing all the time but as long as you can find humour in the tough times its very much worth it!

Hospitality is the best! – Take it from someone who knows!