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South Africa is an upcoming vegan destination with more & more vegan restaurants, hotels & experiences popping up each year.

Interest in veganism is also at an all-time high in South Africa, so sizeable that South Africa shows a higher interest in veganism than countries like France, Italy or Brazil.

(The study was based on Google trend data, a reliable source of big data which lets you compare veganism popularity across the world. Google looks at vegan-related searches made in any language such as ‘’vegan recipes’’ ‘’vegan restaurants’’ etc and assigns a score based on the number of searches for a given topic to all searches made in google for that particular location.)


This page is to help you find the best vegan friendly spots in South Africa because we believe:

We review the best not only fully vegan places but also places that we consider to be vegan friendly & share this with all of you so you know where to go yourselves in each province in SA!

We hope you enjoy this resource & please let us know on social media if you go to any of these places & if there is somewhere you would love us to review then let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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We visited Oh my Soul Cafe in KZN and their menu is incredible. This is a fully vegan restaurant & they serve delicious ”junk food” as well as decadent milkshakes.

The decor was just as good as the food & I particularly loved this giant blackboard with facts (pictured) and its a great spot for a photo opportunity. They also had a small shop with some unique fun vegan products that I hadn’t seen before. I brought a sign saying ”be kind to all kinds” which is proudly in our house and can be seen the second you walk in, and I also got a cool T-shirt saying ”The best things in life are… cruelty free” which I love!

We did end up spending a small fortune here, but this was generally because we were so excited at all the products & of course brought some dessert as a take away as we were quite full from the main meal, which is good as it means the portion sizes are decent (they offer everything as a take away too, so do get dessert to go if you cant fit it in)

They also had a board with vegan celebrities listed on it, which at the time I thought was cool but unfortunately I cant imagine this stays fully up to date and may be a bit of a mission to change often! (looking at you, Miley!!!) I have mixed feelings about vegan celebs but know it has its place in the movement so good on them for coming up with a fun unique idea.

Overall we couldn’t recommend this place more and I wish we lived closer! If we did then it would definitely be a go-to spot when celebrating anything.




We visited one of the two Plant Cafes in Cape Town (both are located in the Cape but the one we went to was Buiten street, CBD the other is in Camps bay) this is a fully vegan restaurant with all of your favourite foods, only veganised!

Pictured is us with their Nachos & Mac n Cheese. For me Mac n Cheese was always my favourite food pre-vegan so when ever I see it on a menu, its a no-brainer to choose this. Both of these were very good.

Their juices are also great, and makes you feel a little healthy while eating all this decadent food and I love a good juice.

We had a chocolate croissant to share as a dessert afterwards, which wasn’t the same as a regular croissant (more like a dough texture) I honestly have yet to find a really good vegan croissant so this wasn’t it for me, however it was good & more like a cinnamon bun (minus the cinnamon!) It was very filling too so a good option to share if its not the only thing you are buying.

We didn’t have a chance to try the Camps Bay location (although did see it) Its probably nicer with the sea view, so if going to one we would probably suggest trying that for more of a vibe.

I love seeing their theme menus and would love to visit to try one of these too so keep an eye out for them.




Pure Cafe is located in the quaint town of Greyton. Its in the Cape but quite off the beaten track although a lovely little holiday/getaway destination.

We actually came here because we were visiting Greyton Farm Sanctuary which is about a 10 minute drive just outside of the town and the owners of the sanctuary own the restaurant which funds much of the work they do there so a great place to support.

Its a café, so quite small but with a lovely little outside area and a few eco friendly bits and pieces to buy and I enjoy having a small shop as part of a cafe as you can have a look while waiting for your food.

We ordered the exact same as we both were so intrigued by the ”Bento Box” as its quite an unusual dish for us and we honestly don’t like to share our food with each other so as we both wanted it, it was best to simply order the same.

We loved it all, it was hard to pick our favourite item and it was really nice that it was a variety of foods and of course we are so happy our money went towards the sanctuary. Highly recommend a visit there too to meet all of the animals they have rescued and you can even go and volunteer there!




Lamoo is brand new to the small bush town of Hoedspruit, being my closest town I am very excited to have a fully vegan restaurant here. It is the first one, & I’m sure their success will make others follow, or at the very least add more vegan options to their menus.

I first went with Amore (Wild Dreams Recruiter) she had the famous beyond burger which she had never tried before & was blown away by how realistic this was. (as we all are) It came with all the usual burger condiments & homemade chips.

I had the battered fish & chips which was always a favourite of mine pre-vegan and fish was the last ”meat” I gave up. They use banana blossom which works so well. The batter was perfect & homemade chips are always the best.

I also had a mango smoothie but was told the Pina Colada one is epic so that’s for another day.

I then went again the following week (this place is going to get my full support!) with a friend to have a meeting about vegan retreats we will be running soon (so exciting) and I had the chickpea burger and their white hot chocolate.

I love that the menu is a mix of healthy food and junk food, from all the healthy salads and smoothies to the milkshakes and burgers. You wont be disappointed.