Vegan Coaching

Want to go Vegan, but not sure how?

Do you need guidance & support?

Need someone to hold you accountable?

I help you through the transition period so that you feel CONFIDENT in your decision and have the KNOWLEDGE on how to get there without having to spend hours doing research online and stressing about meal ideas.

Taking the pressure off so that the transition is EASY, ENJOYABLE and turns into a LIFESTYLE for you.



Our 1:1 personalized coaching program is directed at your individual situation & struggles.

Coaching is weekly via Zoom, & Hayley is on call in-between coaching calls.

The program runs for 8-weeks with calls once per week.

Included in the program is our e-book covering the entire process.

To learn more about the coaching book a free discovery call to learn more about the program & see if it would be a good fit for you, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Note: options of shorter coaching weeks are available as well as referrals to a plant-based coach.



If coaching isn’t for you or isn’t in your budget you can buy our vegan transition e-book called


This book is your vegan best friend who is there to support, encourage and motivate you on your vegan journey without judgement.

This is not a recipe book but a book to guide you on your path to a vegan lifestyle.





Basic outline of the program:

Week 1 – Why do people go vegan and find your own why

What is the difference between Plant based, & Vegan?

Why do people transition?

What is YOUR why?



Week 2 – Lets get started

How fast should you transition?

Vegan in your kitchen/kitchen tools

Where to buy vegan food

Is vegan food expensive?

21 day meal suggestions (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Dessert)

Meal prep

Veganize your favourite food

What to buy – staples/typical shopping list

Reading food labels

Stick to a plan

Vegan food info



Week 3 – Nutrition, health & changes to your body

Vegan plate

Nutrition – Macro & Micronutrients, Vitamins & Minerals

Calories & Portion sizes

Junk food & Whole foods




The funny stuff – bloating, gas, bowel movements

Losing weight

Your skin


Week 4 – Eating out & socialising



The Veto vote


Answering peoples questions



Week 5 – Activism & mental health

Should you get active?

Ways to do activism

Mental health

Vegan TV

Vegan travel

Animal interactions/sport


Week 6 – More than food

Lifestyle changes Clothing

Cleaning products






Week 7 – Sustainability – both our planet and sticking with veganism

Eco friendly


Support network

Stick with it


Week 8 – Resources and follow up


Follow up/questions


For more information you can also follow our social media accounts.



Hayley has been vegan for 4 years and has written this program & e-book in-line with her experiences from her own transition & knowledge.

She is a certified vegan hospitality consultant (the first to be certified in Africa) and has also completed a 12 week course called Vegan Leadership Accelerator (the first of its kind)

Hayley has also completed an online nutrition course & an online vegan cooking course.

Going vegan is the best decision she has ever made and her only regret is not doing this sooner in her life. 

Any questions you may have about this coaching program feel free to reach out.

Hayley is looking forward to being part of your journey.



Disclaimer: Hayley is not medically trained and is not able to give any medical or health advise to any individuals. If you have a serious health condition you will need to consult with a medical professional before undertaking this program.

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