Like an Elephant Herd we are highly intelligent, intuitive & unique.

We specialise in staff recruitment, consulting & HR services.

Vegan consulting, coaching & travel planning with each herd member focusing on different aspects to ensure a professional & personalized service.

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Hayley has over 22 years of experience within the Hospitality sector and has experienced life in bush camps, restaurants, golf clubs, movie/concert and commercial catering and is still currently in 5 star Lodge Management meaning she keeps up to date with hospitality & tourism trends.

She founded Wild Dreams in January 2017 from her office in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park. Being lodge based she has an in-depth understanding the logistics of reserve & hospitality operations.

Hayley is passionate about veganism & sustainable tourism and is the first & only certified vegan hospitality consultant in Africa, her vegan services include a Vegan Hospitality Consulting package as well as Vegan transition coaching to individuals.
She also specializes in travel planning & retreats for vegans who want to experience a holiday where their only worry is what the weather may be like!

Hayley also provides general F&B assistance, HR admin services, FOH staff training (including online courses) & consulting to new lodges or lodges that are looking to restructure.

Having a values aligned career is everything to Hayley & her passionate & enthusiasm for helping people, animals & the environment shows in everything she achieves.

She is also a proud ambassador for ''abillion'' a platform where simple reviews donate money to impactful causes. Sign up & use her referral code: HAYLEYCOOP

Amore - THE CALF

Amore decided she prefered to be ''the calf'' as the youngest member of the herd (her other option was ''the cow'')

She joined the Wild Dreams team as a recruiter in 2020 & in 2021 she took over as Recruitment Manager.

Her entire working career has been within hospitality & tourism, and she is extremely passionate about all aspects of the industry. She knew that after leaving her last position working in a Lodge that she still wanted to stay connected to this industry and all of the people within it.

She has over 6 years of experience working in a range of environments in both the city and the bush and she has now settled in the town of Whiteriver, getting the best of both worlds being a ''bush town'' not far from Kruger and many of our clients, but also having modern conveniences close by.

She has worked in restaurants, cafes, hotels as well as the safari lodge sector.
Having both 4 and 5 star working experience.

In addition to her work experience she has a diploma in Hospitality Management, HR, F&B and Digital Marketing, all aspects which enable to understand all ins and outs of the industry.

Her experience has also enabled her to work in many different departments, making her an ideal recruiter to help both our candidates find their dream jobs but also our valued clients be matched with staff that suit their establishment and requirements.

Grant - THE BULL

Grants role at Wild Dreams is very diverse, using his last 28 years of hospitality experience to complete the herd.

He is a Professional Trails Guide (FGASA 3) by trade, he is highly passionate about both wildlife, nature and people.

He also has a marketing diploma and is a great photographer and he does all of the marketing photos as well as takes all of the wildlife images, luckily for him he is based in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve so has access to many stunning wildlife subjects. We actually sell his images too so if you are interested in purchasing one that you have seen shared by us then let us know!

He is our chief recipe developer, & also assists with menu development, staff training & food photography as part of our vegan hospitality consulting services. He is a wonderfully creative vegan cook (learning his skills mostly from his talented mother)

Both he and Hayley are very happy to be helping to create a vegan world as this is something they are both very passionate about and look forward to assisting any hospitality establishment who needs help in becoming vegan friendly or attracting vegans to their business.

Wild Dreams Hospitality has a 56 years combined experience just within the hospitality sector, and much of this being in tourism, this makes us a highly experienced team and should you be looking for a company to take your business to the next level then leave it to the Wild Dreams Herd!


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